Seeing Through The Myths Surrounding Colocation For Your Business

For many fast-growing startups and other small businesses, choosing a network management system can be a challenge. Although there's a lot of information out there about the differences between onsite management or colocation, trying to sort out the myths and discover the truth can be a challenge. If you're trying to determine if colocation will work for your small business, don't let the myths leave you confused. Here's a look at a few common colocation myths and the truth behind them.

Colocation Costs More than Onsite Network Management

You've probably heard that colocation will cost you significantly more than managing your own local data center. In some situations, this could be true. For example, if you run a very small business and you don't need routine backups or system redundancy, colocation will probably cost you more than you need to spend.

Many businesses actually find that colocation is more affordable than the overhead costs of a localized data center. When you consider the costs for security, climate control and even preparations for potential disasters, you're probably going to spend a lot more to preserve your network onsite. For the monthly fees you'll pay for colocation, you get redundancies that keep your network accessible, onsite security and even disaster preparedness.

It's More Convenient to Keep Things Onsite

Most of the script updates and routine changes you'll need to make to your network can be done remotely when you work with a colocation provider. In fact, most services even have onsite technical support to help you with any local work that you need done. If you're going to make any hardware changes or other upgrades, they may be able to take care of that for you, or they can give your staff access to do the job on your own.

You Have No Security Control with Colocation

One of the key factors of colocation services is ensuring that your network is secure. There are few colocation providers who won't strive for reliable network security and equipment protection. You can even ask about guarantees for server uptime and other concerns. Make sure that you have regular access to your servers, though, even if it's by means of an access card or security code.

As you can see, there are several myths about colocation that may leave you wondering about what is really right for your business. With the information presented here, you can see through some of the false information to understand the real truth behind it. For more information, contact Isomedia, Inc. or a similar company.