Why Your Small Business Needs To Use Cloud-Based Software

Have you been wondering whether or not your business should start transitioning from a traditional network and software to a cloud-based application? If so, you certainly are not alone. What was originally considered nothing more than the latest technology trend by many has become a tool that a lot of businesses rely on daily. If your small business doesn't operate using a cloud-based application, you should take the time to learn how cloud computing benefits you.

Saves Money

In the days before cloud-based software was invented, small business owners had no choice but to purchase the equipment needed to run and maintain their own inter-office network. They had to have servers, specific software, and staff that could keep everything running smoothly. A company's entire data center was housed on site, which can be costly. Using cloud-based software reduces and even eliminates some of the costs associated with installing, monitoring, and maintaining a traditional inter-office network. Cloud-based software runs via the Internet. The software company houses the servers needed to store all of your company's data and maintains the software for you. So, without an in-house data center, you no longer need to purchase specific software and costly equipment. You can also reduce your IT staff, because you don't need to install, configure, and update cloud-based software.

More Flexibility

When you operate your company using cloud-based software, your employees can access the software from remote locations. This means, you can allow your employees to telecommute when needed, and you can work from home whenever you want. You don't even need to supply laptops with your company's software to employees working remotely. They can access your system from any computer with a web browser and Internet connection. Additionally, cloud-based software makes it easier for your employees to collaborate with one another on different projects. It stores all of your company's information in the software company's data center so that it can be accessed in real time by any employee with access.

Makes Outsourcing Simple

It's common for small business owners to try to do everything themselves. Often, this is because they cannot afford to hire employees to do the work for them. However, you can outsource the work to freelancers, so you don't have the additional cost of employee benefits, if your company uses cloud-based software.

If your small business isn't using cloud-based software, you could be losing money. Cloud-based solutions are more than software. When you choose cloud-based software, you're also getting an IT staff, a data center, and the ability to work from random locations. Visit a site like http://www.cologix.com/ for more information.