Why Your Small Business Needs To Use Cloud-Based Software

Have you been wondering whether or not your business should start transitioning from a traditional network and software to a cloud-based application? If so, you certainly are not alone. What was originally considered nothing more than the latest technology trend by many has become a tool that a lot of businesses rely on daily. If your small business doesn't operate using a cloud-based application, you should take the time to learn how cloud computing benefits you. [Read More]

Tired Of Slow Internet Performance While Sharing?

As the internet becomes a more integrated part of daily life and more activities become internet-enhanced, the need to ration out internet access gets stronger. The definition of high speed changes depending on the household, and there are some people who can figure out how to push their internet limits to the maximum no matter the speed. If you live in such a household or--even worse--are in a household where everyone can push your internet's potential to the limit, consider a few things that could be done to make internet usage less painful while sharing. [Read More]